ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing | VOL. 15

Comparing Two Safe Distance Maintenance Algorithms for a Gaze-Controlled HRI Involving Users with SSMI

Publication Date Sep 30, 2022


People with severe speech and motor impairment often find it difficult to manipulate physical objects due to spasticity and have familiarity with eye pointing based communication. This article presents a novel eye gaze controlled augmented reality human-robot interface that maintains a safe distance of the robot from the operator. We used a bespoke appearance-based eye gaze tracking algorithm and compared two different safe distance maintenance algorithms. We undertook simulation studies followed by a user trial involving end users. Users with severe speech and motor impairment could bring the robotic arm at any designated point within its working envelope in less than 3 minutes.


Severe Speech Severe Speech Impairment Severe Motor Impairment Motor Impairment Safe Maintenance Speech Impairment Severe Motor Safe Distance Eye Gaze Appearance-based Gaze

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