We consider probability measures arising from the Cauchy summation identity for the LLT (Lascoux--Leclerc--Thibon) symmetric polynomials of rank $n \geq 1$. We study the asymptotic behaviour of these measures as one of the two sets of polynomials in the Cauchy identity stays fixed, while the other one grows to infinity. At $n=1$, this corresponds to an analogous limit of the Schur process, which is known to be given by the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble (GUE) corners process. Our main result states that, for $n>1$, our measures asymptotically split into two parts: a continuous one and a discrete one. The continuous part is a product of $n$ GUE corners processes; the discrete part is an explicit finite distribution on interlacing $n$-colourings of $n$ interlacing triangles, which has weights that are rational functions in the LLT parameter $q$. The latter distribution has a number of interesting (partly conjectural) combinatorial properties, such as $q$-nonnegativity and enumerative phenomena underlying its support. Our main tools are two different representations of the LLT polynomials, one as partition functions of a fermionic lattice model of rank $n$, and the other as finite-dimensional contour integrals, which were recently obtained in arXiv:2012.02376, arXiv:2101.01605.

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