AACE Clinical Case Reports | VOL. 8

Coexisting Thyroiditis and Carditis in a Patient With Lyme Disease: Looking for a Unifying Diagnosis

Publication Date Jul 1, 2022


Lyme disease, the most common vector-borne infection in the United States, causes multisystem inflammation. We describe a patient who presented with symptoms of Lyme disease, carditis, and thyroiditis. A 53-year-old woman developed fatigue and dyspnea on exertion 1 month after returning from a trip to Delaware. Her electrocardiogram (ECG) showed first-degree atrioventricular (AV) block with a P-R interval up to 392 milliseconds, in the setting of elevated free thyroxine and undetectable thyroid-stimulating hormone levels. Lyme serology was positive. She was hospitalized and started on ceftriaxone. During the second day of hospitalization, AV block worsened to second-degree Mobitz type II but converted back to first-degree AV block after a few hours. Her 24-hour I-123 thyroid uptake and scan revealed markedly diminished I-123 uptake of 1.2%. On day 4, the P-R interval improved, and she was discharged on doxycycline for 3 weeks. P-R interval on ECG and repeated thyroid function tests were normal after finishing antibiotic treatment. In our patient, known exposure to the vector, a classic rash on the chest, improvement in the symptoms, and normalization of thyroid function tests after antibiotic therapy support Lyme infection as a cause of carditis and painless, autoimmune thyroiditis. Our case highlights the importance of considering Lyme disease as a cause of painless, autoimmune thyroiditis, especially in patients with concurrent cardiovascular involvement.


Lyme Disease Normalization Of Thyroid Function Tests Repeated Thyroid Function Tests Symptoms Of Lyme Disease Second Day Of Hospitalization Autoimmune Thyroiditis Multisystem Inflammation Lyme Serology Thyroid Function Tests Day Of Hospitalization

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