Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry | VOL. 142

CO2 mineralization by burnt oil shale and cement bypass dust: effect of operating temperature and pre-treatment

Publication Date Jan 29, 2020


The alkaline wastes such as burnt oil shale (BOS) and cement bypass dust (BPD) generally contain free lime and portlandite which make them suitable sorbent materials for CO2 trapping via mineral carbonation technique of carbon capture and sequestration. In order to study the reaction kinetics and effect of operating parameters on carbonation processes of such alkaline wastes for future industrial sized scale-ups, as well as to identify the effects on carbonation capacity when these sorbents undergo pre-treatment and are exposed to different temperatures, BOS and BPD as sorbents in CO2 mineralization process have been investigated with thermal analysis methods in the current work. Results indicate that selected types of BOS and BPD could be used as binders in the CO2 mineralization systems, binding reasonably good amount of CO2 already in the early stage of the carbonation process which later slows down as the rate of CaO carbonation becomes mainly diffusion controlled. Increased process temperature and hydration as pre-treatment improve the CO2 binding ability, while the effect of milling has been found to be staggering and not as significant as the effect of hydration and temperature rise. The appropriate kinetic mechanism functions were determined, and the kinetic parameters\u2014activation energy (Ea) and pre-exponential factor (A) values were calculated for all the samples. The Ea values of hydrated samples are lower for BOS samples compared to non-hydrated samples. It was shown that activation by hydration enables to re...

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Burnt Oil Shale
Cement Bypass Dust
Bypass Dust
Oil Shale Dust
CO2 Mineralization
CO2 Mineralization Process
Kinetic Mechanism Functions
Shale Dust
Increased Process Temperature
Alkaline Wastes

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