Krepek tette is a variety of casava-based chips. However, the process production is quite different with cassava chips. After peeling, cassava is steamed, flattened, and dried. As one of the culinary signatures of Pamekasan, good quality keripek tette must be guaranteed by the Industry. Crispeness is the most essential factor in assessing the quality of this product. Therefore, this study aims to characterize product quality attributes such as moisture content, thickness expansion, porosity, and color products in different temperatures and frying times. The frying process used the deep frying method. The experiment was designed using two factors, and each experiment used three levels: temperature (150, 160, 170°C) and frying time (40, 50, 60 s). The result showed a higher temperature and frying time, and the moisture content of the product was lower. The thickness expansion increases in line with the temperature rising. However, it decreases with longer frying time. In addition, porosity increases linearly with temperature and frying time. The appearance of the product slightly changes. Before frying, the color of the product is yellowish, and after that, it turns slightly brownish. The result is the potential to develop an evaluation of crispiness quantitatively.

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