Acta Musei Silesiae, Scientiae Naturales | VOL. 70

Biodiversity of the Quarry in Stará Ves near Bílovec with focus on butterflies

Publication Date Dec 1, 2021


Abstract The quarry in Stará Ves near Bílovec is considered a significant geotouric attraction. The dominant feature is the front northern wall representing one of the best outcrops of the fold-thrust tectonics of the Jeseník culm. Until 1983, shale and Moravian offal were mined in the quarry, then the quarry was restored, abandoned, and left to natural succession. Inventory of vertebrates from 2009–2011 revealed 46 specially protected species. Arachnological research from 2013–2015 revealed the occurrence of 69 species of spiders, including seven taxonomically important xerothermophilic species. Botanical research was carried out at the site twenty years ago, systematic entomological research has not been carried yet. We performed an inventory of invertebrates focused primarily on butterflies, using sweeping and netting, supplemented by individual sampling and observation of other species. We also performed a botanical inventory, supplemented by an estimate of tree and bush cover to evaluate host offer and form of habitats present in the quarry. We revealed 144 species of higher plants, of which six belong to the Czech red list, and 121 species of animals, of which 102 species of insects, and 52 species of butterflies. Nineteen species of animals fell into the categories of endangerment according to the Czech red list, legal categories, or are part of some of the European directive annexes. Most of these species depend on the conservation of early succession xerothermic habitats. Their ecology is discussed in...


Legal Categories Species Of Animals Dominant Feature Individual Sampling Estimate Of Cover Botanical Research Conservation Of Habitats Tree Cover Individual Observation Systematic Research

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