Colon cancer is one of the most common gastrointestinal tumors in the world. Currently, the commonly used methods such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and drug treatments are often ineffective and have significant side effects. Here we developed a safe and efficient biomaterials based anti-tumor nanoplatform (M@NPs/miR365), which was formed with poly (citrate-peptide) (PCP), miRNA365 mimic and MC38 cancer cell membrane (M). PCP could efficiently deliver miR365 mimic into MC38 cancer cells, promote the apoptosis of MC38 tumor cells and regulate the expression of Bcl2 and Ki67 in vitro. Tumor cell membranes were prepared by a fast and convenient sonication method. This tumor cell membrane-coated drug delivery system M@NPs can effectively reduce macrophage uptake and increase the stability of NPs. And the MC38 tumor model mice experiment showed that M@NPs/miR365 via caudal vein injection effectively inhibit tumor development. Based on the immune escape and homologous targeting of cancer cells and efficient gene transfection ability of NPs, this “Trojan horse” like “Pseudotumor cell” carries the target gene miR365 mimic to the tumor site and realizes cancer therapy. Noteworthy, the drug delivery system has good biocompatibility. Thus, this safe drug delivery strategy mediated by cancer cell membrane and gene therapy may have a certain significance for reducing the gap between nanoplatform and tumor clinical treatment.

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