This study presents a bibliometric review of teacher professional identity (TPI) research from 2004 to 2023. 4,066 SSCI-indexed papers retrieved from the Web of Science database were identified for analysis using CiteSpace. The major findings are: (1) The publications have increased significantly from 2004 to 2021, there is a slight decline in recent 2 years. (2) Top contributing country, institution, and journal are the US, University of London, Teaching and Teacher Education respectively. (3) The top productive authors are Yuan Rui, Trent John, and Nazari Mostafa respectively, the top cited authors are Beijaard D, Gee JP, and Lave J. (4) TPI research has evolved in terms of multiple theoretical lens, diversity of discipline and participants, and methodological shift. (5) Emerging trends include teacher agency, positioning theory, and English-medium instruction (EMI) policy. This study has implications for future researchers.

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