The demand for highly efficient and dynamic electric vehicles (EVs) has increased dramatically. The traction inverter, a pivotal component in an EV powertrain, plays a crucial role. This study is dedicated to designing a traction inverter with focus on achieving high efficiency and elevated power density and mitigating electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues. To realize these objectives, autonomous gate drivers (AGDs) are proposed and designed using LTspice simulation software. The aim is to achieve zero voltage switching (ZVS) at both turn-on and turn-off through the utilization of triangular current mode (TCM) control on the gate driver. The AGDs implement a current modulation scheme by sensing the current and voltage and generating gate-source voltage signals with minimal delays. The implemented current modulation scheme by the AGDs results in an efficiency exceeding 99% for a 10 kW power rating. The sinusoidal output waveforms not only contribute to extending the motor lifespan by mitigating sharp-edge voltages but also bring advantages such as reduced switch stress, decreased EMI, and simplified thermal management.

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