Lithuania has a geothermal anomaly situated in the southwestern region of the country. This anomaly is comprised of two primary geothermal complexes located in western Lithuania. The first complex is characterized by the Pärnu–Kemeri Devonian sandstone aquifers, which exhibit exceptionally good flow properties. However, the reservoir temperatures in this complex only reach up to 45 °C. The second complex encompasses Cambrian sandstone reservoirs. Although these Cambrian sandstone reservoirs exhibit high temperatures, with the highest reservoir temperatures reaching up to 96 °C, these Cambrian sandstone reservoirs have less favorable petrophysical properties. This study focuses on the high temperature Cambrian Geothermal sandstone reservoirs. The study aims to conduct a geological screening of the existing and depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs with high water production rates. After initial data gathering, numerical modeling is employed with the help of mechanistic box models to evaluate the geothermal potential of the selected sites for commercial development. Ultimately, the study identifies the top five screened sites, which could be developed further for techno-economical modelling.

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