Objective To evaluate the effects of reserved jejunal feeding tube during postoperative chemotherapy of gastric cancer. Methods Forty-two patients with gastric cancer underwent radical gastrectomy and going to adjuvant chemotherapy,conventional placed jejunal feeding tube. All of the patients weredivided into group A and group B randomly by pathological staging and tumor site, group A reserved jejunal feeding tube and received enteral nutrition through the tube during chemotherapy, and group B non-reservedjejunal feeding tube and been given daily diet,compared nutrition and immune indicators of two groups beforeand after chemotherapy ,compared the rate of vomiting,and observed complications long-term reserved jejunal feeding tube. Results In post-chemotherapy,nutrition and immune indicators of group A were betterthan those of group B, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05) ,the rate of vomiting in group Awas significantly lower than that of in group B (X2= 9.75, P<0.01 ), no serious complieations occurred forlong-term reserved jejunal feeding tube. Conclusions Reserved jejunal feeding tube and received enteralnutrition through the tube during postoperative chemotherapy of gastric cancer can significantly improve the nutritional and immune status. It is safe and reliable, worth promoting. Key words: Stomach neoplasms; Jejunum; Enteral nutrition; Antineoplastic combined chemotherapy protocols

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