Ankle joint flexion and extension exercises play an important role in the rehabilitation training of patients who have been injured or bedridden for a long time before and after surgery. Accurately guiding patients to perform ankle flexion and extension exercises can significantly reduce deep vein thromboembolism. Currently, most ankle rehabilitation devices focus on assisting patients with ankle flexion and extension movements, and there is a lack of devices for effectively monitoring these movements. In this study, we designed an ankle joint flexion and extension movement monitoring device based on a pressure sensor. It is composed of an STM32 microcontroller, a pressure sensor, an HX711A/D conversion chip, and an ESP8266 WiFi communication module. The value of force and effective number of ankle joint flexion and extension movements were obtained. An experimental device was designed to verify the accuracy of the system. The results showed that the device can effectively monitor and control ankle flexion and extension movements remotely, ultimately ensuring that the patient can effectively monitor and grasp the active ankle pump movement.

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