The paper aims to analyze and compare various deep learning (DL) algorithms in order to develop a Suspicious Activity Recognition (SAR) system for closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance. Automated systems for detecting and classifying suspicious activities are crucial as technology’s role in safety and security expands. This paper addresses these challenges by creating a robust SAR system using machine learning techniques. It analyzes and compares evaluation metrics such as Precision, Recall, F1 Score, and Accuracy using various deep learning methods (convolutional neural network (CNN), Long short-term memory (LSTM) – Visual Geometry Group 16 (VGG16), LSTM – ResNet50, LSTM – EfficientNetB0, LSTM – InceptionNetV3, LSTM – DenseNet121, and Long-term Recurrent Convolutional Network (LRCN)). The proposed system improves threat identification, vandalism deterrence, fight prevention, and video surveillance. It aids emergency response by accurately classifying suspicious activities from CCTV footage, reducing reliance on human security personnel and addressing limitations in manual monitoring. The objectives of the paper include analyzing existing works, extracting features from CCTV videos, training robust deep learning models, evaluating algorithms, and improving accuracy. The conclusion highlights the superior performance of the LSTM-DenseNet121 algorithm, achieving an overall accuracy of 91.17% in detecting suspicious activities. This enhances security monitoring capabilities and reduces response time. Limitations of the system include subjectivity, contextual understanding, occlusion, false alarms, and privacy concerns. Future improvements involve real-time object tracking, collaboration with law enforcement agencies, and performance optimization. Ongoing research is necessary to overcome limitations and enhance the effectiveness of CCTV surveillance.

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