Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are nanovesicles secreted for intercellular communication with endosomal network regulating secretion of small EVs (or exosomes) that play roles in cancer progression. As an essential oncoprotein, Kirsten rat sarcoma virus (KRAS) is tightly regulated by its endosomal trafficking for membrane attachment. However, the crosstalk between KRAS and EVs has been scarcely discussed despite its endocytic association. An overview of the oncogenic role of KRAS focusing on its correlation with cancer-associated EVs should provide important clues for disease prognosis and inspire novel therapeutic approaches for treating KRAS mutant cancers. Therefore, this review summarizes the relevant studies that provide substantial evidence linking KRAS mutation to EVs and discusses the oncogenic implication from the aspects of biogenesis, cargo sorting, and release and uptake of the EVs.

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