Terrestrial ecological survey, preparation of comprehensive checklist, soil analysis in relation to fern diversity and growth were the main objectives of the study in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. Classification, taxonomy, identification, nomenclature, and conservation status of Pteridophytes were done by autistic, viable and suitable literature. Soil analysis was done by a specific given protocol separately. In our study, a total of 17 families, 27 genera, and 37 species of Pteridophyta were recorded. Various types of habitat for this flora were noticed, including Lithophytes, moist places, Mesophyll, forest floor, and epiphyte. The average soil pH was 6.7, organic carbon was 1.923%, nitrogen was 0.406%, phosphorus was 3.40 ppm and potassium was 31.33 ppm, all recorded at the site of study. Most species were noticed as common in all the spots, but Pteridium aquilinum and Christella arida were the main rare species in the area.

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