Science Advances | VOL. 8

All-optical graph representation learning using integrated diffractive photonic computing units

Publication Date Jun 17, 2022


Photonic neural networks perform brain-inspired computations using photons instead of electrons to achieve substantially improved computing performance. However, existing architectures can only handle data with regular structures but fail to generalize to graph-structured data beyond Euclidean space. Here, we propose the diffractive graph neural network (DGNN), an all-optical graph representation learning architecture based on the diffractive photonic computing units (DPUs) and on-chip optical devices to address this limitation. Specifically, the graph node attributes are encoded into strip optical waveguides, transformed by DPUs, and aggregated by optical couplers to extract their feature representations. DGNN captures complex dependencies among node neighborhoods during the light-speed optical message passing over graph structures. We demonstrate the applications of DGNN for node and graph-level classification tasks with benchmark databases and achieve superior performance. Our work opens up a new direction for designing application-specific integrated photonic circuits for high-efficiency processing large-scale graph data structures using deep learning.


Strip Optical Waveguides Benchmark Databases Node Neighborhoods Node Classification Tasks Feature Representations Graph Structures Regular Structures Euclidean Space Processing Large-scale Data Deep Learning

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