Food allergy plays a pathogenetic role in subset of patient with atopic dermatitis, as proven over the past decade by laboratory and clinical investigations. Likely 40% of infants and young children may present with food allergy, whatever the severity of atopic dermatitis. The identification of the subset of patient with relevant food allergy requires a thorough a clinical history, the appropriate laboratory tests, food allergy being proven in all cases by elimination diets followed by provocation tests. Atopic dermatitis may be cured or largely improved by elimination diets, but the latter need a peculiar education of patient and physicians because the common causal foods involved (egg, milk, wheat, soil, peanut) are ubiquitous in industrial foods and since elimination diets are at risk of nutritional imbalances. Most food allergies resolve following early childhood and atopic dermatitis in older children and adults is largely less related to food allergy.

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