Nowadays, various research works is explored to predict the rainfall in the different areas. The emerging research is assisted to make effective decision capacities that are involved in the field of agriculture broadly related to the irrigation process and cultivation. Here, the atmospheric and climatic factors such as wind speed, temperature, and humidity get varies from one place to another place. Thus, it makes the system more complex, and it attains higher error rate during computation for providing accurate rainfall prediction results. In this paper, the major intention is to design an advanced Artificial Intelligent (AI) model for rainfall prediction for different areas. The rainfall data from diverse areas are collected initially, and data cleaning is performed. Further, data normalization is done for ensuring the proper organization and related data in each record. Once these pre-processing phases are completed, rainfall recognition is the main step, in which Adaptive Membership Enhanced Fuzzy Classifier (AME-FC) is adopted for classifying the data into low, medium, and high rainfall. Then for each degree of low, medium, and high rainfall, the prediction process is performed individually by training the developed Tri-Long Short-Term Memory (TRI-LSTM). Additionally, the output achieved from the trained TRI-LSTM rainfall prediction in cm for each low, medium, and high rainfall. The meta-heuristic technique with Hybrid Moth-Flame Colliding Bodies Optimization (HMFCBO) enhances the recognition and prediction phases. The experimental outcome shows that the different rainfall prediction databases prove the developed model overwhelms the conventional models, and thus it would be helpful to predict more accurate rainfall.

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