Current methods for measuring dermal exposure to skin irritants and allergens, such as acrylates, have significant drawbacks for exposure assessment. A noninvasive sampling method has been developed and tested for measuring dermal exposure to a multifunctional acrylate employing a tape stripping of the nonviable epidermis (stratum corneum). Samples were subsequently extracted and a gas chromatographic method was employed for quantitative analysis of tripropylene glycol diacrylate (TPGDA). This method was tested in 10 human volunteers exposed to an a priori determined amount of TPGDA or a UV-radiation curable acrylate coating containing TPGDA (UV-resin) at different sites on hands and arms. On the average, the first tape stripping removed 94% (coefficient of variation 16%) of the theoretical quantity of deposited TPGDA and 89% (coefficient of variation 15%) of the theoretical quantity of deposited TPGDA in UV-resin 30min after exposure. Quantities of TPGDA recovered from two consecutive tape strippings accounted for all of the test agent, demonstrating both the efficiency of the method to measure dermal exposure and the potential to determine the rate of absorption with successive samples over time. In general, the amount removed by the first stripping was greater for TPGDA than for UV-resin while the second stripping removed approximately 6 and 21% of TPGDA and UV-resin, respectively. However, when the amounts removed with the first tape stripping for TPGDA or UV-resin from the five different individual sites were compared, no significant differences were observed (P=0.111 and 0.893, respectively). No significant difference was observed in recovery between TPGDA and UV-resin for the first tape stripping when calculated as a percentage of the theoretical amount (P=0.262). The results indicate that this tape-stripping technique can be used to quantify dermal exposure to multifunctional acrylates.

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