One of the main challenges in the protection of the Inverter-Based Microgrids (IBM) is fault detection. Inverter-based resources have limited fault current; they also adopt different control schemes which make their fault current analysis and estimation more complex. These features make the traditional protection schemes inapplicable in IBMs. In this paper, two parameters are introduced and a protection scheme is proposed based on the introduced parameters to protect feeders and Distributed Generators (DGs) in IBMs. In the proposed scheme, in each sampling window, the last samples of the current waveform are predicted and the difference between the actual samples and the predicted samples are obtained; the voltage phase angle shift between the present and the past sampling windows is also computed; using these parameters and by introducing a new relay characteristic based on Mahalanobis distance the fault is detected in IBM. The effectiveness of the proposed protection scheme is verified through the simulation and experiment results.

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