A well-illustrated glossary supports the study of polychaete anatomy and systematics, as well as aiding species identification, a need that emerged within the shipping and aquaculture industries over recent decades. Sabellidae, Serpulidae and Spionidae are polychaete families that most often include species that are translocated globally through ship fouling, ballast water or aquaculture trade. Accurate identifications are crucial since these translocations have significant ecological and commercial implications and also for phylogenetic and other biological studies. Using digital illustrations of specimens (deposited predominantly at the Australian Museum in Sydney), a glossary has been developed for these three families with the aim of standardising terminologies. Complete-focus images were generated with Helicon Focus 5.3 Pro software from multiple image layers. The definitions have been explained specific to families and illustrated with these images, thus creating the first comprehensive, digitally illustrated glossary of polychaete terminology.

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