Oncology Letters | VOL. 25

A genomic DNA‐based NGS method for the simultaneous detection of multiple fusion genes in pediatric leukemia

Publication Date Nov 22, 2022


Fusion genes are products of chromosomal translocations that generate either a dysregulated partner gene or a chimeric fusion protein with new properties, and contribute significantly to leukemia development and clinical risk stratification. However, simultaneous detection of several hundreds of fusion genes has always been a challenge in a clinical laboratory setting. In the present study, a total of 182 pediatric patients with leukemia were screened for fusion genes by employing a novel genomic DNA-, instead of RNA-, based next-generation sequencing (NGS) method. This involved the comparison of the multiply targeted capture sequencing method with a detection panel of 270 fusion genes (MTCS-270) with an RNA-based multiplex reverse transcription-PCR technique with a detection panel of 57 fusion genes (MRTP-57). MRTP-57 has been well established in the clinical lab at Beijing Hightrust Diagnostics, Co. (Beijing, China) for an up-front leukemia diagnosis and served as the control technique in the present study. In the series, MTCS-270 and MRTP-57 yielded a positive fusion gene detection rate of 50.0% (91/182) and 41.8% (76/182), respectively, indicating an advantage of MTCS-270 over MRTP-57 in overall detection sensitivity. Specifically, all the fusion genes detected by MRTP-57 were also identified by MTCS-270, clearly signifying the respectable detection accuracy of MTCS-270. Notably, across the patients screened, MTCS-270 identified more samples with fusion genes than MRTP-57, illustrating a broader fusion gene detection cov...


Fusion Genes Fusion Gene Detection Next-generation Sequencing Chimeric Fusion Protein Clinical Laboratory Setting Genomic Next-generation Sequencing Clinical Risk Stratification Next-generation Sequencing Method Method For Detection Of Genes Fusion Genes In Leukemia

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