Ecological Modelling | VOL. 306

A carbon cycling model developed for the renewable Energy Danish Island, Samsø

Publication Date Jun 1, 2015


Abstract Renewable energy has replaced the major part of the energy use on the island Samso during the first decade of the 21st century and it leads to the key question: How much less carbon dioxide and methane are presently emitted from the island Samso as a result of the introduction of renewable energies? Furthermore, we would like to know, what we can do to reduce the carbon dioxide emission further and where it is most sensible to take action in order to do this. When renewable energy is introduced to replace the use of fossil fuels, a significant reduction of the carbon dioxide emission is to be expected, but it is not necessarily the case. To assess the carbon dioxide emission it is necessary to obtain knowledge about all the processes which involve carbon. Emission of a significant amount of carbon dioxide is the result of a number of natural processes for instance decomposition processes of organic matter in nature, and nature is also by the photosynthesis taking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Therefore, in order to find the resulting net emission of carbon dioxide and answer the above mentioned questions, the development of a carbon cycling model (CCM) for the area or region is needed. A total of 26 different carbon pools are considered in the CCM of Samso, including the various agricultural products, three fractions of carbon in soil, forests, wetlands, grasslands, straw used for heating and the production in the industry (Trolleborg). The transfer processes among the various pools are quite well known fro...


Carbon Cycling Model Agricultural Production Carbon Dioxide Decomposition Processes Of Organic Matter Net Emission Of Carbon Dioxide Significant Amount Of Carbon Dioxide Organic Matter In Nature Renewable Energy Use Of Fossil Fuels Supplementary Crops

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