ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces | VOL. 8

A Bilayered Structure Comprised of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes for Desalination by Membrane Distillation

Publication Date Jul 21, 2016


The development of a novel carbon nanotube (CNT) immobilized membrane comprised of a double-layer structure is presented for water desalination by membrane distillation. The bilayered structure is comprised of CNTs functionalized with a hydrophobic octadecyl amine group on the feed side and carboxylated CNTs on the permeate side. The latter is more hydrophilic. The hydrophobic CNTs provide higher water vapor permeation, while the hydrophilic CNTs facilitate the condensation of water vapor. Together, these led to superior performance, and flux in a direct contact membrane distillation mode was found to be as high as 121 kg/m(2)h at 80 °C. The bilayered membrane represented an enhancement of 70% over the unmodified membrane and 37% over a membrane which had a monolayered structure where only the feed side was CNT-modified.


Membrane Distillation Feed Side Carbon Nanotube Unmodified Membrane Bilayered Structure Water Vapor Condensation Of Vapor Direct Mode Hydrophobic Group Direct Contact Membrane Distillation

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