arXiv: Astrophysics

A Bar Signature and Central Disk in the Gaseous and Stellar Velocity Fields of NGC5448

Publication Date Sep 21, 2005


We analyse SAURON kinematic maps of the inner kpc of the early-type (Sa) barred spiral galaxy NGC5448. The observed morphology and kinematics of the emission-line gas is patchy and perturbed, indicating clear departures from circular motion. The kinematics of the stars is more regular, and display a small inner disk-like system embedded in a large-scale rotating structure. We focus on the [OIII] gas, and use a harmonic decomposition formalism to analyse the gas velocity field. The higher-order harmonic terms and the main kinematic features of the observed data are consistent with an analytically constructed simple bar model. The bar model is derived using linear theory, considering an m=2 perturbation mode, and with bar parameters which are consistent with the large-scale bar detected via imaging. We also study optical and near infra-red images to reveal the asymmetric extinction in NGC5448, and we recognise that some of the deviations between the data and the analytical bar model may be due to these complex dust features. Our study illustrates how the harmonic decomposition formalism can be used as a powerful tool to quantify non-circular motions in observed gas velocity fields.


Bar Model Higher-order Harmonic Terms Circular Motion Bar Signature Asymmetric Extinction Gas Velocity Field Kinematic Harmonic Formalism Emission-line Gas Velocity Fields

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