INCOSE International Symposium | VOL. 12

9.1.2 Structuring a Systems Engineering Program at UALR

Publication Date Aug 1, 2002


By all measures, we have founded a successful Systems Engineering program in response to industrial and state requirements. Being a new program, however, the faculty and administration have both learned from the experience over the three years since the program was instituted. Given the dearth of systems engineering programs, a major challenge is to recruit formally trained systems engineering graduates. Another is to reach a consensus on the goals and content of our program. This paper reports this learning process. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) is a regional university serving primarily the people of Arkansas. One half of the population in the state of Arkansas lives within 100 miles of Little Rock. The Little Rock metropolitan has a population of over 500,000. UALR is a member of the University of Arkansas system, which consists of eight campuses. UALR has approximately 11,500 undergraduate students and 1,500 graduate students. UALR offers bachelor's degrees in Engineering, Science, Education, Arts, and Humanities. It offers master's degrees in several areas, and doctoral degrees in Applied Science and Education. UALR is one of the fastest growing urban universities in the country. As a Carnegie doctoral intensive institution, it is one of several metropolitan universities in the country serving the industrial, commercial, and educational needs of the client population, including minority students (currently UALR's African American population is about 25% of the student body). The mission of the ...


University Of Arkansas At Little Rock Bachelor's Degrees In Engineering Systems Engineering Program Metropolitan Universities University Of Arkansas Degrees In Science Degrees In Education Degrees In Engineering African American Population Client Population

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