arXiv: Astrophysics

870 micron observations of nearby 3CRR radio galaxies

Publication Date Aug 18, 2003


We present submillimeter continuum observations at 870 microns of the cores of low redshift 3CRR radio galaxies, observed at the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope. The cores are nearly flat spectrum between the radio and submillimeter which implies that the submillimeter continuum is likely to be synchrotron emission and not thermal emission from dust. The emitted power from nuclei detected at optical wavelengths and in the X-rays is similar in the submillimeter, optical and X-rays. The submillimeter to optical and X-ray power ratios suggest that most of these sources resemble misdirected BL Lac type objects with synchrotron emission peaking at low energies. However we find three exceptions, the FR I galaxy 3C264 and the FR II galaxies 3C390.3 and 3C338 with high X-ray to submillimeter luminosity ratios. These three objects are candidate high or intermediate energy peaked BL Lac type objects. With additional infrared observations and from archival data, we compile spectral energy distributions (SEDs) for a subset of these objects. The steep dips observed near the optical wavelengths in many of these objects suggest that extinction inhibits the detection and reduces the flux of optical continuum core counterparts. High resolution near or mid-infrared imaging may provide better measurements of the underlying synchrotron emission peak.


Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope Submillimeter BL Lac Type Objects 3CRR Radio Galaxies Spectral Energy Distributions Galaxies High Energy Peaked BL Lac Thermal Emission Synchrotron Heinrich Hertz

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