Since OLED was first mass‐produced by Samsung Display, various researches related to OLEDs have been actively conducted and now days, People are using OLED displays every single day. As a next generation organic‐optoelectronic display, we suggest the All‐in‐one Sensor Display which can be used for fingerprint recognition, proximity sensor, illuminance sensing and photoplethysmogram which is an area of rapid interest in recent years. To demonstrate the All‐in‐one Sensor Display in entire display area, in this research, we successfully fabricated organic photodetectors (OPDs) in the OLED panels with our own materials, D‐01 and A‐01. Since designing a donor material and an acceptor material is key issue for high Signal to Noise ratio (SNR), we designed and synthesized the D‐01 and A‐01. With our own material based OPDs, All‐in‐one Sensor Display showed good characteristics and successfully recognized fingerprints. This research shows the possibility of the mass production of next organic diode and we believe that All‐in‐one Sensor Display will be the next display application beyond the OLEDs.

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