Ministry of Electricity and Water awarded REGGIANE the contract for the construction of N. 5 desalination plants in Kuwait. Four of them, installed at Doha West, are of the polyphosphate MSF type and their rated production is 6 MIGPD. Their commercial production started two years ago. The fifth plant, installed at Doha East Power Station is of MSF type with acid and desulphation treatment, so that the max. brine temperature reaches 138°C. Its rated production is 1 MIGPD at 121°C. This plant started the commercial production six months ago. The results obtained during the performance test period, in the different load conditions, compared to the contractual performance data and also the results of two years' operation, are shown. The high reliability of the plant, which is bound to the application of the technology experienced by the manufacturers after 10 years' activity in the desalination branch, allows a classification of Doha (Kuwait) plant among the most important ones all over the world.

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