Angewandte Chemie International Edition | VOL. 58

2D Nanosheets and Their Composite Membranes for Water, Gas, and Ion Separation

Publication Date Dec 2, 2019


Two-dimensional nanosheets have shown great potential for separation applications because of their exceptional molecular transport properties. Nanosheet materials such as graphene oxides, metal-organic frameworks, and covalent organic frameworks display unique, precise, and fast molecular transport through nanopores and/or nanochannels. However, the dimensional instability of nanosheets in harsh environments diminishes the membrane performance and hinders their long-term operation in various applications such as gas separation, water desalination, and ion separation. Recent progress in nanosheet membranes has included modification by crosslinking and functionalization that has improved the stability of the membranes, their separation functionality, and the scalability of membrane formation while the membranes' excellent molecular transport properties are retained. These improvements have enhanced the potential of nanosheet membranes in practical applications such as separation processes.


Gas Separation Fast Molecular Transport Ion Separation Nanosheet Membranes Composite Membranes For Gas Separation Nanosheet Materials Membranes For Water Separation 2D Nanosheets Two-dimensional Nanosheets Molecular Transport

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