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24 Anaemia in heart failure unit St. Michaels hospital dun laoghaire

Publication Date Sep 1, 2015


Background Iron deficiency anaemia is a frequent finding in adults with heart failure (HF). The prevalence varying depending upon the population studied. 1,2 The recent FAIR-HF trial, demonstrates the importance of iron metabolism in patients with HF. 3 Moreover, that a work-up evaluation for absolute or functional iron deficiency should be considered, and implementation of IV iron replacement for symptomatic improvement. In this audit we wish to evaluate the prevalence of anaemia and iron deficiency in our unit Method This was a prospective single centre audit between 21 October and 18 November 2014. The cycle was repeated between 26 March and 26 April 2015. The audit standard was the WHO definition of anaemia. Results Part 1: Demographics During cycle 1 Population: 86 patients were worked up for anaemia and iron deficiency. The average follow up time in Heart Failure Unit was 19.6 months There were more males than females in our population. Only one female patient is still menstruating. 74% of our population are HfREF (n = 64) versus 26% HfPEF (n = 22). During cycle 2 Population: 56 patients were worked up for anaemia and iron deficiency. The average follow up time in Heart Failure Unit was 20.4 months. There were more males than females in our population. 57% of our population are HfREF (n = 31) versus 43% HfPEF (n = 23). Part 2: Prevalence and incidence The prevalence of anaemia in our cohort was 48% during cycle 1 and 64.8% during cycle 2. Previous studies have found that the incidence of anaemia appears to increase wit...


Iron Deficiency Normal Hb Level Eur Heart Heart Failure Unit Anaemia In Chronic Heart Failure Heart Failure Resistant Congestive Heart Failure Ferric Carboxymaltose In Patients Erythropoietin Treatment In Patients Iron Metabolism In Patients

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