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137\u2005Enhancing road policing in low and middle income countries through the identification of good practice principles

Publication Date Sep 1, 2016


BackgroundThe implementation and enforcement of strong, evidence-based road safety laws and regulations has been shown to be highly effective in reducing road traffic deaths and injuries. In many low and middle income countries, however, the police do not have the necessary expertise or resources to implement good practice road policing in a sufficiently intense and sustained manner. Unfortunately, this can undermine the desired general deterrent effect of the enforcement and fail to communicate its purpose to the general community. The aim of this study was to identify the theoretical principles underpinning good practice road policing, in order to inform the development of relevant capacity-building initiatives in low and middle income countries.MethodsA review of the traffic law enforcement literature was undertaken to identify: i) the theoretical perspectives that have been used to guide the development and implementation of effective road policing programs; and ii) the specific principles arising from these perspectives that can be used to guide enforcement efforts in low and middle income countries.ResultsThe literature review identified a number of theoretical perspectives from criminology and traffic psychology that have been used to guide the development and delivery of effective road policing programs. Most prominent among these is deterrence theory, which has been extensively used to inform programs targeting illegal behaviours like drink driving and speeding. This perspective highlights the need for road policing...


Road Policing Low Income Countries Development Of Effective Programs Traffic Psychology Theoretical Perspectives General Deterrence Good Road Effective Policing Middle Income Deterrence Theory

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