European Journal of Public Health | VOL. 30

1.D. Workshop: Food and water insecurities in a warming climate: What role for Public Health?

Publication Date Sep 1, 2020


Abstract Food and water are fundamental environmental health determinants. They are necessities of life, such that shortfalls in ready access in sufficient quality and quantity precipitate poor health, failure to thrive, susceptibility to disease, and if not rectified, ultimately lead to death. Archeological and historical records testify that large scale interruptions to food and water supplies trigger widespread social upheaval and when driven by systematic inequities in distribution, can overthrow governments. The desperation to secure survival is deep-seated. Competition for scarce resources, mass migration and conflict further generate environmental damage, disruptions to social cohesion, and can also herald novel challenges to health and wellbeing. Climate change is accelerating and with it, increasing intensity of extreme events such as heatwaves, droughts, fires, storms and floods. These interrupt food and water supplies and income generation. Unless transformative and rapid reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved, and achieved promptly, the global population will be forced to confront escalation in shortfalls. Will wealthy nations accommodate the needs of the global disadvantaged? Exposure of agricultural sectors to climate extremes is already reversing gains made towards ending malnutrition and achieving SDG1: Reducing global hunger and malnutrition. Global water insecurity is also intensifying. A perfect storm is looming with acceler...


Water Security Global Public Health Community Public Health Climate Change Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Role For Public Health World's Public Health Climate Change Crisis Necessities Of Life Public Health Experts

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