Journal of China and International Relations | VOL. 2

中国能源安全的海外风险及对策 / Overseas Risks to China’s Energy Security and Potential Countermeasures

Publication Date Nov 3, 2014


张 弛 【摘要】本文探讨中国能源安全的海外风险并提出对策建议。中国能源安全的主要矛盾是供应安全,关键在于以可承受的价格获得充足的能源供应,可进一步分解为两个要素:一是以合适的价格购买到能源;二是充足、不间断的能源进口。相应地,中国能源安全的海外风险突出表现在国际油价攀升和进口运输安全两方面。在维护能源安全的对策上,现实主义和新自由主义的能源安全观各有长处和不足,应立足中国国情进行扬弃,具体要做好三方面工作,即能源外交、军力发展和战略石油储备。 This article discusses the overseas risks to China’s energy security and provides suggestions for how to safeguard China’s energy security. The key to China’s energy security is supply security. This means obtaining enough and continued energy supply at affordable prices which can be divided into two factors: one is purchasing energy at reasonable prices; the other is having uninterrupted energy import. Accordingly, the major overseas challenges to China’s energy security are the surging international oil prices and the problem of safeguarding energy imports. There are both merits and shortcomings to the energy security concept of realism and that of neo-liberalism. Suggestions for how to secure China’s energy supply should be based on China’s conditions as well as a critique of the two theoretical perspectives and should include three aspects: energy diplomacy, military development and strategic oil reserves.


Energy Security Strategic Oil Reserves Energy Diplomacy Energy China Safeguard Prices Military Development Affordable Prices Reasonable Prices

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