本文提出一种用于海岛淡水供应的结合压汽蒸馏的太阳能海水淡化装置,充分利用太阳能海水淡化过程中蒸汽的汽化潜热,通过机械压缩提高装置的蒸发温度和运行效率,建立了系统数学模型,进行热力学分析计算;与单纯盘型太阳能海水淡化装置相比,本装置占地面积小、产水量大,具有较好的推广应用前景。 In the present work, a solar energy distiller was combined with vapor-compress plant for seawater desalination was designed. The advantage of the plant is the relented heat of the vapor is reused. By mechanical vapor compression, the evaporation temperature and efficiency were risen. With the mathematic models, the thermal analysis was done. Comparing with traditional solar seawater desalination plant, combined with vapor-compress solar energy distiller plant is more smaller and high efficiency.

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