Aim. Assessment of the current specifics and level of nutritional quality of the population of the Russian Federation at the current stage of development of food production. Materials and Methods. As part of the study of the problems of nutritional quality of the population of Russia, general scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, genesis of new knowledge were used to predict the most likely change in the socio-economic situation in the field of food production, methods of statistical and economic data analysis, methods of regulatory analysis of key mandatory parameters and safety standards and the quality of food. Results. Analyzed the modern characteristics of human nutrition, which has a positive effect on health and performance. The factors of eliminating the lack of nutrients in modern food have been identified, which is associated with an increase in the quality of raw materials, ensuring the necessary production conditions and maintaining technologies for the production of food products. The main factors for maintaining a necessary and balanced diet of a person have been determined. A list of optimal measures that can provide an increase in the quality of nutrition of the population of the Russian Federation has been outlined. Conclusion. Maintaining an optimal level of food quality for the population of the Russian Federation directly depends on the level of income and expenses of citizens in certain territories, as well as strict and full compliance with the norms and standards for the production of the corresponding varieties of food products using high-quality raw materials and efficient production technologies. The conditions for the production, subsequent storage, transportation and sale of food products must fully comply with the current quality and safety standards for their production, storage and use.

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