The article presents the results of a theoretical analysis of literary sources on the problem of human qualimetry and education. The relevance of this study is determined by the fact that at the moment the education system is undergoing serious changes due to the transition to the national system of higher education, which is largely determined by the spiritual and moral attitudes of specific teachers, Teachers, heads of the education system, both at the level of a specific educational organization and at the level of the Russian state. The scientific hypothesis of the theoretical study is the position that the Teacher's pedagogical skills, his professional and personal qualities, educational and educational technologies that he uses are fundamentally isomorphic to the quality of education reflected in the qualities of the Student's personality (education, upbringing). As research methods, the theoretical analysis of more than 100 works by A.I. Subetto and other authors is used from the position of applying the principles of isomorphism of professional and personal qualities of a Teacher in the educational, educational process of a Student. As a result of the theoretical analysis, 7 main positions of the Russian scientific qualimetric school in the field of education and personality are identified.

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