Actualization of the role of digital competence is the main trends on labor market in the context of global digitalization. This tendency causes changes in employees’ behavior, attitude to self-development; this is basis for refreshing of individual vector of professional increasing. It was determined that formation of digital skills and development of capacity to realize functional duties by using information and communication technologies provide optimization of profession activity, authorize professionals to change own level of competitiveness, open a new opportunities, first of all, in the context of individual development, increasing of cost of labor and quality of labor result. So, this aspects actualize the role of researching this issue and focus on importance of increasing level of digital literacy and competence of Ukrainian employees. Accordingly, the article is devoted to the analysis of trends in employees’ development under actual digital transformations, first of all importance of digital competence in the context of globalization and dynamic progress. Comparison (for determined the main trends in increasing level of digital competence, generalization of dynamic and importance of intensification this indicators under conditions of digital economy development), methods of abstraction, analysis and generalization (for forming conclusions about importance of digital competence in the context of modern transformations) are the research methods which were used in the article. In this science paper the essence and main features of employees’ professional growth in the context of digital-transformations, the concept of digital competence, its elements and current level found among Ukrainian citizens were determined. The importance of further development of digital skills (first of all, information, communication, skills of creation and working with digital data type and different forms of content) were summarized. The prospects of increasing of digital competence level assuming of past and nowadays digitalization trends were generalized by authors.

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