Introduction. The article discusses the content and research field of the concept of "social resources". The relevance of the study is due to the society's need for progressive development, which involves the accumulation of available social resources. The purpose of the work is to determine the research field for the concept of "social resources", which will determine the semantic basis of the modern research interest of domestic sociological science. Methods.The methodological basis of the study is a quantitative method of document analysis (content analysis) and a comparative approach. The empirical basis of the study was the data obtained on the RSCI website. The concept of "social resources" is defined as a semantic unit of analysis. The unit of account is a scientific publication. The analysis was based on the effect of conjugation of the concept of "social resources" with other concepts used together as key words in scientific publications of the RSCI. The analysis showed that such social phenomena as social capital has a significant impact on the development of social resources; human capital; social networks; youth; region; control; political innovations; civil society; confidence; personal resources; education; a family; social adaptation; social potential; economic resources; adaptation; the quality of life; resource potential; rural areas. At the same time, the semantic field of the concept of "social capital" implies the semantic field of the concept of "social resources". The obtained results are consistent with the opinion of such scientists as Yakovleva N.I., P. Bourdieu, Drozdova Yu.A., Dyatlov A.V., Zotov V.V., Prelikova E.A., Yadova M.A., Yadov V.A., Boyarinova I.V., Nachkebia M.S., Tikhonova N.E., Ildarkhanova Ch.I. Results and its discussion. It is summarized that social resources are closely related to social capital and territorial specificity. This is a multicomponent concept that has social and economic components (with dominance in the sociological field), including the totality of the entire resource base of social actors that are part of a specific territorial community.

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