The article analyses the peculiarities of blended learning in the period of cardinal social changes in Ukraine. The concept, place and role of blended learning in the modern educational process are revealed, where blended learning (translated from English "blend" – "to mix") combines traditional learning with distance and online methods, through offline and online formats. The article highlights the advantages of this technology of the modern educational process, in which the student, communicating directly with teachers and other students, and independently online, learns part of the educational material using modern gadgets in a convenient place, at a convenient time and at his own pace, as one of the factors of a higher level of motivation for learning. This is not distance learning – when a student receives little help from a teacher and appears at an educational institution only for exams; but it is also not learning exclusively with a computer, because he or she is part of a study group and should develop simultaneously with other students The article analyses models of blended learning technologies with their characteristics. The article pays special attention to such a model of blended learning as "flipped learning", in which the traditional idea of classroom learning is inverted in such a way that students get acquainted with the educational material before class, and the time in the classroom is then used to deepen understanding through discussions with classmates and problem-solving activities conducted by teachers. The article emphasises the importance and necessity of using blended learning technologies in the educational process as one of the most effective technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic and the military period in Ukraine. The conditions of use for learning, motivation, and improvement of digital competencies of both students and teachers, which are necessary for blended learning, are outlined.

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