Journal of the Korean wood science and technology | VOL. 43

인도네시아 주요 조림수종의 연소특성

Publication Date Nov 25, 2015


This study was performed to understand combustion properties four major Indonesian wood species such as Albizia, Gmelina, Mangium and Mindi were investigated by cone-calorimeter for better utilization of theses wood species. Heat release rate (HRR), total heat release (TSR), specific mass loss rate (SMLR), effective heat of combustion (EHC), time to ignition (TTI), flame time (FT), specific extinction area (SEA), smoke production rate (SPR) and CO compound production rate were measured. HRR, THR and FT were proportional to the density of woods. Albizia showed the highest HRR, while Mindi had the lowest HRR. For SPR, Albizia showed the highest value due to its higher SEA. On the other hand, Mindi had the lowest SPR due to a lower SEA value. The highest smoke emission was for Albizia at the beginning of combustion. After 300 seconds, smoke emission of Gmleina and Mangium was increased greatly. Mangium and Mindi showed the highest total carbon dioxide emission. Expecially, Gmelina released the highest carbon monoxide during the combustion period and presented three times higher ratio than those of other species due to incomplete combustion.

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Specific Extinction Area
Smoke Production Rate
Heat Release Rate
Highest Carbon
Specific Mass Loss Rate
Flame Time
Effective Heat Of Combustion

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