The relevance of the problem of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere is not currently in doubt. Mining and oil and gas facilities are a major source of carbon dioxide emissions. One of the features of carbon dioxide is its chemically stable molecule, which can remain unchanged in the atmosphere for a considerable amount of time. The most rational solution for carbon dioxide utilization from the products of combustion of hydrocarbons is its absorption with the receipt of new products that may find application in chemical industry. The main disadvantages of the carbon dioxide removal methods available today are the low conversion of the cleaned gases, the significant cost of the process, and the feasibility of the process with large amounts of cleaned gases in the exhaust. The aim of the research is to determine the optimal parameters of catalytic CO2 capture from the exhaust gases of the mining and oil and gas industries in trifluoroacetic acid solutions. The objects of research are carbon dioxide, trifluoroacetic acid solutions of various concentrations, concentrated trifluoroacetic acid. Methods. Purification of combustion products of hydrocarbons from CO2 was carried out by passing it through a solution of trifluoroacetic acid, the spent acid was regenerated with air oxygen. The absorption capacities of trifluoroacetic acid solutions were investigated depending on the concentrations of the solutions and the pH value. CO2 absorption in trifluoroacetic acid solutions was determined under standard conditions. Unabsorbed CO2 was absorbed with a solution of alkali, the acidity of which was constantly fixed with a potentiometer. The amount of carbon dioxide absorbed was determined by potentiometric titration of the trap. Results. The paper shows that catalytic purification of flue gases from CO2 when using trifluoroacetic acid solutions proceeds under standard conditions with complete trapping of carbon dioxide.

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