Вісник Черкаського державного технологічного університету | VOL. 0


Publication Date Feb 28, 2020


Gaseous and diesel fuels are produced on an industrial scale by converting solar energy with genetically modified cyano-bacteria (blue-green algae), which use CO2 for development, resulting in high yields when converting carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons. The disadvantage of using carbon dioxide as a source of CO2 is the content of various toxic compounds that inhibit photosynthesis and will pollute the environment when burning biodiesel. The solution of the problems of reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and creating optimal conditions for its processing is possible only with a comprehensive approach to solving a number of specific technological problems. In this work a method of recycling of carbon dioxide exhaust gases of power plants is described. The purpose of the work is to reduce the activation energy of the combustion process in the presence of a catalyst. Theoretical foundations of the process of electrocatalysis, intensification of combustion of gaseous and solid fuels are elucidated. The main problem, impedimental to the use of smoke gases as raw material for the production of pure carbon dioxide, is the formation at incineration of fuel of such toxic compounds as carbon oxide (II), nitrogen oxides, and benzo(a)pyrene, formaldehyde, vapors of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids, toxic metals. Suppressions of formation CO, NOx and other harmful admixtures in smoke gases is possible to attain on the stage of burning with the use of new technology: electronic catalysis of flame in the discharge zone...

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Exhaust Gases Of Power Plants
Smoke Gases
Use Of Solar Energy
Carbon Dioxide
Harmful Admixtures
NOx In Gases
Blue-green Algae
Use Of New Technology
Diesel Fuel
Toxic Compounds

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