The article considers the main aspects of state regulation of an inclusive economy and its impact on all segments of the population. Theoretical issues of inclusive development in Ukraine are studied, the role of the state in the system of regulation of the policy of inclusive economic development is determined, the main components of the concept of inclusiveness of sustainable development in Ukraine are clarified. The content of the concept of "inclusive economy" is revealed and the innovations of state regulation regarding its growth are analyzed. The factors that hinder the development of an inclusive economy in Ukraine are identified and the importance of state regulation of an inclusive economy as an economy aimed at meeting the needs of all members of society is noted. It is proved that the strategic priority of the Ukrainian economy is sustainable growth, which is based on an inclusive economy, which not only improves the overall economic situation in the country, but also increases public confidence in the state. It is determined that the factors of inclusive economy development are best manifested through the components of the inclusive development index. It is established that additional factors hindering the development of an inclusive economy in Ukraine are the uneven geographical and sectoral distribution of opportunities, low living standards and low education. The main strategic directions of creating an inclusive economy in Ukraine in such areas as education, health care, social protection and ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all segments of the population are summarized. The distinctive features that distinguish an inclusive economy from other types of economic growth are identified. The international experience of implementation of inclusive development, the basic preconditions of its formation in other countries are analyzed. The urgency of implementing international experience in Ukraine in such areas as expanding access to education and health care for children and adolescents from poor families and measures aimed at redistributing resources in favor of lagging regions has been established. The main problems and obstacles that stand in the way of effective state regulation of inclusive growth in Ukraine are identified. The necessity of introduction of the state model of effective inclusive economy is proved.

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