Biolohichni systemy | VOL. 12

Біоморфологічна структура флори городищ Нижнього Придніпров’я

Publication Date Dec 23, 2020


The biomorphological analysis of the flora of eighteen ancient settlements of the Lower Dnipro as a potential "islands" of steppe biodiversity has been introducing. Based on the most commonly used linear systems of life forms by K. Ranquier and by V.M Golubev there have been presented the results of the analysis of biomorphs. In addition to the main biomorph, the following characteristics were taken into account: multiplicity of fruiting, main types of vegetation, type of underground shoots, type of aboveground shoots, type of root system. Domination in the general spectrum of life forms of the studied flora of herbaceous plants was determined (455 species or 86.8 % of the total number), among which perennials made up the majority (259 species or 49.4 %). The second and third groups are occupied by annuals (148 species or 28.2 % of the total) and biannuals (48 species or 9.2 % of the total), respectively. According to the multiplicity of fruiting, the participation of polycarpics (328 species; 62.6 %) is significant. However, it should be noted, that the high share of herbaceous monocarpics (196 species; 37.4 %) can be explained by the invasion of adventitious species from neighboring agricultural fields and existing settlements. By type of vegetation, summer-green species represent almost half of the total list of flora (231 species), while that of the group of summer and winter green plants was represented by 168 species or 32 %. By type of aboveground shoots, the predominance is given to semi-rosette species (276 species;...

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