The relevance of solving the problems of economic growth and investment self-sufficiency becomes extremely important in the current crisis conditions. The main objectives of the article are to study current forecasts for the development of the world economy, the budget of Ukraine for 2021 and substantiate the mechanisms for the further development of the Ukrainian economy in modern conditions. The article is devoted to the actual mechanisms of development of the Ukrainian economy in modern conditions. Forecasts for the future from the Danish Saxo Bank, The Economist magazine, the Financial Times, the German economist Klaus Schwabb and the Italian publicist Maurizio Blonde. The review of digital transformation Microsoft CEE 2020 “Key industries of evolution. How smart technologies are changing retail, manufacturing and finance in Central and Eastern Europe. The structure of the expenditure side of the State budget of Ukraine for the period 2014-2021 has been investigated. Research on a new sixth technological order is systematized. The problems in the Ukrainian economy that need to be eliminated in the situation of the global economic crisis are identified: high intricate taxes; lack of credit; lack of investment; under-monetisation of the economy. The number of companies operating in a falling market is shrinking faster than the market itself, sometimes much faster. Survival and customer concentration is key. The main factor of economic growth is scientific and technological progress (STP). The main mechanism for advancing economic growth is credit. The task of national banks is to lend to the real sector. The logic of our thinking: when there is sustainable economic growth in the country, then financial stability and stability of the monetary unit are achieved automatically. We proposed a mechanism for providing cheap loans to the industrial sector and a strategy of public-private partnership in Ukraine. The state has the right to create targeted loans and use state banks to direct them to finance projects necessary to modernize the economy. Control over the intended use of money – the color of money. The system can be fully automated. The money that flows in can be digitized (designated) – each bill is marked with a specific index. In the center of the strategy of economic growth should be placed the common man, his wishes and needs.

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