The article is aimed at defining the role of social standards in the formation of social policy of the country. The peculiarities of interpretation of social policy in scientific literature are analyzed, key agents of the social policy interaction are identified as follows: economic policy, health policy, education and fiscal policy. Education policy provides the economy with human capital and thereby creates preconditions for economic development. Economic policy interacts with social policy in terms of distribution of access to goods, services and resources, as well as in terms of providing employment. In turn, fiscal policy carries out the secondary distribution of income through transfers. Social policy, aside from social protection of the population, aims to create conditions for access to education and services of the health care system. The structure of social standards and guarantees enshrined in the Law of Ukraine «On the State Social Standards and the State Social Guarantees» is considered in terms of definitions of terms, aim and purpose. A brief overview of the world practice of implementation of social welfare programs is specified, in the development of which social standards are taken into account, as well as existing approaches to the formation of social security in Ukraine. As a result of the carried out research, it was found that through preventive, restorative and compensatory interventions, social security allows beneficiaries to maintain their standard of living, find work or improve their own prospects in the labor market, as well as create conditions for social integration and preservation of physical and mental health. In this context, social standards are the criteria for the need for intervention and play the role of the norm on the amount of interference for the implementation of social policy of the State. On the other hand, social standards can act as targeted benchmarks of this policy, agreed with the goals of the country’s development.

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