One of the main problems of today is to ensure food security of the country and its regions. The level of food security has fluctuations and changes over time, so this situation emphasizes the increasing relevance and stability. Investigating its level in the region, it is advisable to study the features of its dependence on internal factors: the current state of food supply in the region in sufficient quantity, quality and range, the real ability of the population to consume a rational norm of food of proper quality. An important component of the characteristics of food security in the region, in accordance with regulations, are scientifically sound safety indicators. The formation of food security of the country and regions is a holistic complex, which is associated with the macroeconomic development of the state. Food security strategy - functional, involves the development of economic characteristics of the control system and their main criteria, which allow for rapid assessment of regional food security and effective decisions on changes in the parameters of the developed strategy. Based on the dynamics of characteristics, extrapolation (forecast levels) are developed for trends and patterns of development and the parameters of the strategy that affect the change of development trends and fluctuations are adjusted. To comprehensively assess the state of food security in Poltava region, the main indicators were studied: providing the diet with the main types of products, economic affordability of food, the capacity of the domestic market of certain foods and food independence of certain foods. The implementation of these measures should be the basis for the formation of a differentiated system of sustainable food supply of the regions. The criterion of completeness of food supply of the region is the degree of its self-sufficiency, and the criterion of sustainability of food supply is the stability of demand and demand for the main types of products due to local production, import and use of reserve funds. The main conditions for the proper functioning of the food market and providing the population with high quality food are targeted and rational use of available and potential natural, industrial, demographic, social, scientific, technical and investment resources that contribute to the full functioning and development of food security through local production. in accordance with scientifically sound standards.

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