Publication Date Jan 1, 2021


Theoretical and practical aspects of structural changes in the economy are the subject of scientific research by a large number of both foreign and domestic scientists. The theory of three sectors became a new methodological approach to the analysis of the structure of the economy. The process of modeling changes in the sectoral structure of the economy makes it possible to create such conditions that would facilitate Ukraine’s transition to an innovative model of development. The article simulates changes in the sectoral structure of the economy on the basis of the Cobb-Douglas production function. It is emphasized that changes in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of Ukraine’s economy should ensure the formation of an innovative model of its development. The evolution of the interpretation of the concept of «Solow balance» is highlighted. It is substantiated that the «Solow balance» contains an innovative component, so it is advisable to take it into account in the process of modeling changes in the sectoral structure. The «Solow balance» is calculated on the basis of initial data on the value of fixed assets, the number of employed population and the amount of value added in terms of primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the Ukrainian economy. The relationship between the level of the indicator in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy is considered. It has been proven that the primary sector of the economy is the starting point for sustainable economic growth, as it is the basis of the s...


Tertiary Sectors Of Economy Primary Sectors Of Economy Sectors Of Economy Secondary Sectors Primary Sectors Aspects Of Structural Changes Innovative Component Basis Of Initial Data Domestic Scientists Changes In Structure

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