Publication Date Jul 30, 2019


One of important tasks of overcoming the crisis and sustainable economic growth of the country and its regions is formation and effective use of financial resources in the budgetary sphere. The purpose of the research is to analyze the formation of income and the direction of expenditures in the context of the economic crisis and offer practical recommendations to ensure the balance and stability of the consolidated budget of the Republic of Komi (RK). The object of the research is the monetary and economic relations of the formation and use of funds of the consolidated budget in order to fulfill its obligations and ensure the economic growth of the region. Methods used of the research are analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction, logical and historical method, scientific abstraction and statistical comparison. The hypothesis of the research is the possibility of ensuring the balance and stability of the consolidated budget of the RK in the long term. The statement of basic materials. The analysis of the dynamics and structure of real revenues and expenses of the consolidated budget of the Republic of Komi in 2013-2017. The reasons for the fall and the growth of real incomes and expenses, changes of their structure and especially sharp increase of the debt load of the budget are revealed. Level of imbalance of the budget is shown and recommendations on ensuring balance of the consolidated budget of the region are defined. Originality and practical significance of the research is the fact that the balance and stability...


Effective Use Of Financial Resources Republic Of Komi Growth Of Real Incomes Budgetary Sphere Municipal Debt Sustainable Economic Growth Property Tax Sustainable Growth Historical Method Statistical Comparison

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